The Hermit's Cave - Professional Tarot Consultant


Simon is an amazing, thoughtful and caring tarot reader, who I can not recommend strongly enough. In the reading he did for me, the expansiveness of his experience with tarot was obvious! With his vast knowledge, Simon also used an intuitive approach to the tarot cards, which left me feeling connected with and supported by him. 
Simon did a reading for me on the topic of my spiritual journey a while back. The reading was spot on, resonated with me strongly, and the insights he had provided me with were extremely helpful and applicable in my spiritual query. 
Almost three months on now, I've rewatched his reading and while not surprised, I still am somewhat astounded to see how accurate and healing Simon's reading for me has proven to be! - Mascha ~Australia
I had my first ever tarot card reading with Simon. He really took the time to explain the concept of a reading and the process he uses before we started, which helped me to understand what I could realistically expect from the experience. When the session started Simon explained the cards in a way I could easily understand, adapted to my own level of understanding. He very articulately and intuitively explained their meaning in relation to the question I wanted to explore, which in turn provided me with insightful and helpful advice.
The whole experience felt deeply uplifting and personal, and the practical information and guidance I received felt both spiritual and informative and provided insight into personal issues which helped me approach the future.
I am very glad that I had this experience and I will most definitely visit Simon and The Hermit's Cave for another reading again soon .
Daniel - Coventry

I first received a reading from Simon almost 30 years ago and I have had regular readings ever since. A reading with Simon is always accurate, and he really takes the time to explain the cards and the guidance that they provide in a reading. Simon is really intuitive and has the ability to articulate what the cards forecast and in turn provides helpful insights. My reading with him was an informative experience, which provided me with options into my life and future plans. Sharon - Long Eaton 

I received such a good reading from Simon. He was spot on with my relationship issues and provided with some helpful insights, which really helped me to see the situation clearly and move on. I would recommend him without any hesitation. Adam - Connahs Quay
I received a 3 card reading from Simon regarding a specific situation that I had some questions on. The reading Simon provided was detailed and very thought provoking. Simon took his time to explain what each card meant and how it corresponded to my query. As a practitioner of Tarot myself, it was clear that Simon was also using his intuition when giving me my reading. I would highly recommend Simon to anyone interested in receiving a Tarot reading.
 - Cherbourg, France
I would highly recommend Simon to anyone who would like a tarot reading and I would certainly ask him to read for me again in the future. Simon delivers the reading in such a calm and professional manner, I couldn’t have asked for better. It resonated with me so much and has really helped me to see things better, to know what I need to let go of and what I am working towards. My reading from Simon Harrison was absolutely amazing! I chose a 9 card general reading, which was so spot on and really could not have been more accurate.
Sandra - Buckinghamshire